Sumire Sakuma

She has been working on a meditative and contemplative understanding of self, nature, space, and perception and how they all interrelate previously practiced Ikebana over years. Her interest is to meet an existence created by interactions between foreign objects as an organism or society and surroundings, including viewers and participants in the space in broader terms as a response resulting from spontaneous behaviors.


*1985, geboren in Aichi, Japan
lebt und arbeitet in München
Seit 2022: Freie Kunst, Akademie der Bildenden Künste München, Klasse Schirin Kretschmann
2020 The winner of Finding Stillness home working video competition by Punkt. 2020 []
2021 The Branches, Paperback, 86 pages, B5 (25.7cm x 18.2cm)

Projekte / Ausstellungen

2020-2021 Resident aritist, Staying here and there, OKUTAMA+, Tokyo
2020-2021 Year of Making at Space Clarence Mews, London (Vertual)
2022 Jahresausstellung der Akademie der Bildenden Künste München

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